Le vintage, c’est l’avenir !

Vintage is the future!

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In recent years, second-hand clothing has been booming. We see them everywhere, really everywhere. On dedicated applications, on online stores or in second-hand stores, which are flourishing in our cities. There are so many that we are sometimes a bit lost… Where to find cool pieces at a good price? Can we really trust vintage clothes? Besides, is there a difference between used and vintage?

So, here, we take a break and try to take a step back. If the unbridled consumption of new clothes seems to be slowly running out of steam (finally!), your style, your flow, your clothes remain a means of showing your identity and sharing your personality with us. Because, yes, taking care of your style of dress while fighting against fast fashion is possible.

And that's exactly where Tomorrow Retro comes in. How ? By offering you a selection of vintage items, carefully sourced. When thrift stores offer you a ton of second-hand clothes acquired in batches (with some good … and some less good), Demain Rétro is already doing half the job for you, by selecting unique pieces. And that's the whole point of the concept: when thrift stores don't make a selection, here the pieces are chosen according to a real artistic direction.

So to you, who want to cultivate your unique style and your identity by doing good for your planet and adhering to the philosophy of vintage... Welcome!

Written by Matthias Colboc

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